Building a Personal Style

Accessories and jewelry are generally thought of last in the process of choosing an outfit or a new ‘look,’ but that should change. Clothing goes out of style faster than the fabric gets damaged. Jewelry, on the other hand, maintains its fashion value over time. According to Michèle Lamy in her interview with Vanity Fair, wearing rings on every finger and lots of bracelets brings good luck in the fashion game. The wife of famous designer Rick Owens does not think of her jewelry as an afterthought or accessory to her clothing. In the modern world, branding yourself is everything and it is no secret that the best brands have serious style.

Minimalist jewelry is often taken for granted. Incorporating minimalist rings into your fashion arsenal will prevent your everyday style from clashing with any outfit you want to craft. Your living style and party style should not be separate. There is no need to masquerade and have some kind of fashion alter-ego. Instead, find core pieces that effectively represent and advertise who you are.

Silver is not as flashy as gold, which is good, because you do not want to look like you are trying too hard. Building your style is about showing off your individual personality and identity, not about trying to impress anybody. Consider wearing an emblem or pattern that is unique to you. For example, if you are from the Southwest you could incorporate the minimalist RIZONA sterling silver ring by ERNÉ. Building your cultural identity into your look like this allows you to wear any style of clothing fashion without there being a visible clash.

Symbols and emblems of your style can also be relatively ethereal. According to the Popsugar jewelry trends of 2019, delicate charms of stars and twinkling constellations are, for lack of a better term, in. As another aspect of your subtle personal style, something like ERNÉ’s ZEA sterling silver ring could be a key part of your unique look. Instead of real star-gazing, the only star that should be in people’s sights is you. Even in the most mundane settings, ethereal or cosmic symbolism elevates one’s presence and gets attention. Such effortless minimalist style also commands respect.

ERNÉ is a New York jewelry startup, leaping into the fashion scene and providing a wardrobe of options for everyday use. It is not easy to justify purchasing something that you will only wear once a year. That is why it is better to build your style and brand around something lasting that you can show off every single day. Take the MARIA sterling silver ring, for example. The sleek twin bands are secretly joined as one, allowing two shining bands of light to draw everyone’s attention. From there, the rest of your personal style can keep the eyes on you.

Your ring collection should not be an afterthought in building your personal brand. Be sure to find everyday pieces that demonstrate what is most special about you.

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