Top Five Minimalist Trendy Earrings

As the summer draws near an end, we find that the right accessories tend to peak with the trends of the upcoming season. Currently, the most appealing jewelry comes in the form of delicate accents and fine details. The most versatile styles have a minimalist design and are constructed with fine materials.

Sterling Silver jewelry is among the most popular for the fall season. Earrings are the most traditional fashion accessory. The top trending earrings right now are as follow…


This style is represented just as it sounds. Precious metals bent haphazardly into winding shapes, irregular geometric patterns, and even wrinkles, which are ultra-trendy. They have a sophisticated artsy flare to them and could appeal to anyone with an eclectic taste. The ERNÉ OVAE sterling silver earrings are a great example of this trend. These beautiful earrings are an excellent accent to any style.


This style is a classic. Circular hoops that are repeated and bunched in dangling silhouettes. They are popular in the juniors’ market, but depending on the details (sparkling or encrusted), they could appeal to the more mature upscale customer as well. These minimalistic hoops will last you through every fashion season. The ERNÉ SADIA hoops work well with formal and casual dress attire.


Minimalism and clean aesthetics reign supreme as of late, but proportions hold the key to very stand out jewelry. Tiny earrings appeal to the more casual accessory shopper, but tiny details combined with large pieces have a modern and cool look. They are considered statement pieces. The ERNÉ KRASS drop earrings are absolutely on-trend and sweet. The bold red heart detail is adorably sleek when combined with the delicate silver chain. This combination is a classic.


Alternating materials and mixing them with sterling silver or gold creates an interesting contrast. Even Bakelite and Lucite details are more desirable when complemented with gold. Texture comes into play to make the earrings even more compelling. Grained textures and smooth flat metallic details are just the tips of the iceberg when it comes to this trend.

Mixing and matching styles give the wearer even more fashion versatility. That is why the ERNÉ ULDA sterling silver earrings are so versatile. They represent this trend, but it is also versatile in aesthetics which makes it fashion-forward.


The last trend worth mentioning is inspired by nature. Precious metals like sterling silver work well with earth stones and items inspired by elements of nature. Floral elements are transeasonal and have an ultra-feminine flare. Earrings that are studded or dangling are fashioned in the form of leaves, which are highly sought after this season more so. The ERNÉ UCA sterling silver earrings are directly representing the boho naturistic vibe in fashion.

It’s so fun and youthful, but what about the animal kingdom? Wearing the ERNÉ BEEKA sterling silver earrings are fun too and can be worn in collaboration with the other trends mentioned.

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